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Random Spot Check #10: C-Monts (@CMonts)

The Spot Check. We get artists from around the world to open up the masses of music stored away on their hard drives, have five tracks selected at random, and then attempt to explain away any embarrassing tracks that might have found their way into the selection. Pass or fail? Well, thats your call.

Yo, we haven’t had a Random Spot check for a little while, but we’re back right this second with a guy I’ve known for years. Emcee/DJ C-Monts was one of the original members of 360 Physicals, a crew that jump started the musical output of him, myself and Killa Kela to name but a few. Currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic where he’s been for the last few years, you’re more than likely to spot C-Monts on the mic onstage at Hip Hop Kemp, writing for Vice Magazine, or his Broke And Famous website. Anyway, he’s accepted the challenge of opening up his digital music collection to The 273’s Random Spot Check. Lets hand over to the man himself. Take it away C-Monts…
• Koaste

OK..I have been putting this off for a while. I don’t know why but the shuffle button in iTunes fills me with ‘the fear’. But fuck it. I stand by my random selection and give you my word that this review has not been tampered with.

1./ Scorzayzee & Juga-Naut – You Came Up (R.I.P Big Pun)
For the record, I fucking hate tribute tracks. Rest in Peace so & so coming from artists that have never met the artist that they are talking about is not really my bag. This one is kind of a exception. I like Scorzayzee, I always have. This track sees him teaming up with Juga-Naut (who has some pretty nice punchlines). Scorz ain’t at his best here though. He sounds relaxed and lucid. I don’t listen to this mixtape much.

2./ Drake – You Know, You Know
Drake confuses me. Sometimes I’m pleased by his flow and lyrical content. Other times I feel like he’s a massive cunt. Which one is it??? I have always been a R&B fan (a guilty pleasure of mine) and he seems to make pretty good accessible-slash-commercial music. Then he signed to Young Money and the cunt in him came out in full. Pretty wack eh? This track is off one of those shitty photo-shopped cover ‘mixtapes’ full of off key mash ups and radio rips. I keep these mixtapes on file in case I need to play tracks for ‘the normals’.

3./ Jneiro Jarel – Voice Of The Kayapo
Now we’re talking! Dr Who Dat is the man. I have been a big fan since I heard the Shape Of a Broad Minds mix on the front cover of HHC a few years back. I copped the album and it blew me away. Fauna is Jneiro’s solo album. It’s super off key and my favourite hangover cure. It’s a musical spin out that takes you on some psychedelic trip. This track talks about bright futures and other such positive phrases. I have been trying to track down Jneiro for a interview but his manager is constantly unavailable… fail.

4./ Grems – Dimanche (Remix)
This album is pretty fucking ill. I don’t speak a word of French but I’ve always had a strange fascination with their musical style. Especially hip hop and dance music. I don’t really know much about Grems, the Wik told me absolutely nothing so I can only assume that he’s some super underground artist that only I know about! I saw a Grems video a few weeks back featuring Foreign Beggars and decided to do some digging… and his current album came up. It’s full of well produced music..most of it leaning towards dance or light hearted grime. Two thumbs up!

5./ Giggs – Ner Ner
OK. I know what you’re thinking. Giggs is possibly the slowest sounding artist out there, and I know he’s no Pharoahe Monch or Marshall when it comes to constructing his bars. But I don’t know, there’s something I like about him. His music seems honest and unpretentious. I’m currently living and working in Prague, and his album Let em Ave it gives me a short sweet dose of home. Grim London streets and chicken shops. This track isn’t the best on the album but it has that strong over produced sound that seems to ‘have the streets on smash’ or something. I guess I am too old to be listening to this…but fuck it.

So that’s it…cheers for having me Koaste.

No problem at all Mr Monts. But as always, its down to The 273’s readers to vote on whether your musical archives pass the test or not. So, people – press your buzzers now.

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