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273 Fantasy Football: Week 11/12

Got caught out a little bit this week – didn’t notice there was a full Premier League program happening tuesday and wednesday, so not only did I not get the opportunity to tweak my team as I was up in Glasgow for a couple of days, but I didn’t get a chance to plug the weekend’s manager of the week. So lets get that out of the way first. Week eleven’s manager of the week was Legs, so lets handle that first… His scores in week 11/12 have made him the first new entry into the top three in the table since the start of the season at the expense of Rarekind Records‘ HP. Things could get interesting if he keeps this sort of form up…

Manager of the Week (Week 11): Legs

Right, now that we’re more up to date, lets have a look at week twelve, for which you see the league table at the top of this piece. Third highest scorer this week was The 273’s Blackbelt Jones with 57 pts (Marouane Chamakh 13pts). Second place this week went to Arsenal supporting Rizzle, with 58pts (Cesc Fabregas 14pts*), but absolutely smashing it this week, and getting a big jump up the table due to scoring 70 pts was Snuff The Ablist (Cesc Fabregas 14pts*) whose team could be about to do a Liverpool-esque jump up the table if he can keep this form up.

Manager of the Week (Week 12): Snuff The Ablist

I know I’ll get stick for picking this video as I’m in it as well, but fuck it – the choice on youtube wasn’t that immense. Snuff – we need to get a proper video popping for one of these tracks!

Highest Scoring Week:
Koaste – Illwood Kings: 96pts (Week 1)
Manager of the Week Awards:
Truth – Gats McGhee (3)
DJ Kormac – Kormtown Athletic (2)
Ewan Rarekind – Lets Get It In (2)
Koaste – Illwood Kings (2)
Herbie Dragons – Bucka Juniors (1)
Rizzle – Got Tings In Socks (1)
Cuthdaddy – Wolton Blunderers (1)
Legs – Howling Pack (1)
Snuff The Ablist – Snuff The Ablist (1)

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