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MC Hammer – Better Run Run [Jay-Z Diss Track]

Now I’ve seen it all. The rap game has gone full circle, and people are talking about MC Hammer again. I have not got a clue why he would choose to release a diss track aimed at the Jiggaman. I’m pretty sure Jay hasn’t badmouthed Hammer recently has he? I must have missed it if he did.

Anyway, this track is straight garbage. The minute long intro is mystifyingly pointless, with some fat dude in a suit showing off some poncy 3D laptop – and doesn’t seem to bear any relation to the rest of the video. Lyrics-wise – well, there’s no point me really going there, as Hammer has never been the best rapper in the world, and he doesn’t seem to have put in any practise since he last faded into obscurity.

The last scene has got me thinking that he must be on some Christian god squad tip, as he seems to be baptising a Jay-Z lookalike after stopping some dude dressed in a poundland devil costume from following him on his daily jog through the woods. Nothing in this video makes any sense. And if Hammer’s latest image is to dress like he’s about to get the shit pounded out of him at the next UFC tournament, he’s on to a loser from the off.

Come to think about it, maybe we could get a Hammer vs Hitman Hathaway fight for an upcoming UFC? I’d pay good money to watch that.
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One comment on “MC Hammer – Better Run Run [Jay-Z Diss Track]

  1. Beltdriven
    November 2, 2010

    Nicely done… I’m down for Hathaway, or whoever else beating him down. They always do crowd shots of him at UFC events, and he’s dripping in Affliction t-shirts plus Wittman’s cameo, as if to hint he trains… I’m thinking celeb MMA is on the horizon, what with Shaq wanting in now too. Bring it onnnn!

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