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273 Fantasy Football Week 9: A New Leader

Well, its finally happened. My reign on the top was indeed short like leprechauns, and week nine sees a new face at the top of the league. He’s been pressing all season, but Rarekind Records‘ Ewan scores a slick 64pts (Kevin Nolan 9pts) and takes the Manager of the Week award as well as my place at the top. Ewan is a veteran fantasy football player, and its not gonna be an easy job to take top spot back from him.

Second place this week goes to Cuth with 61pts (Ashley Cole 18pts*), and third this week was me, clinging on to respectability after last week’s awful showing with 54pts (A.Cole/K.Nolan 9pts).
• Koaste

Manager of the Week: Rarekind Records Ewan aka HP

Here’s the video for Double Damage – one of the greatest tracks to have ever come out of Brighton. HP and Devise killing it in this one. Sorry about the bullshit in the middle of the screen. Don’t know why I can’t find a non-evaluation copy of this online anywhere.

Highest Scoring Week:
Koaste – Illwood Kings: 96pts (Week 1)
Manager of the Week Awards:
Truth – Gats McGhee (3)
DJ Kormac – Kormtown Athletic (2)
Ewan Rarekind – Lets Get It In (2)
Koaste – Illwood Kings (1)
Herbie Dragons – Bucka Juniors (1)
Rizzle – Got Tings In Socks (1)
Cuthdaddy – Wolton Blunderers (1)

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