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Vinnie Paz ft/ R.A. The Rugged Man @RATheRuggedMan) & Amalie Bruun – Nosebleed [VIDEO]

Wow. We all these two could spark off something special when they tag teamed a track. You only have to look as far as the pair’s last outing on Uncommon Valour – technically a Jedi Mind Tricks track, but practically owned by R.A. after that incredible verse. People on Twitter are still wetting themselves over years after its release.

Now they’re back collaborating again, this time for Vinnie’s solo LP Season of the Assassin, and I have to say, this time he hold his own against Rugged Man’s machine gun flow. Both emcees come good on this track. Vinnie’s voice sounds rougher than ever. Its like he gets up in the morning with a nice pint of sawdust. But sounding like this, who can blame him.
• Koaste

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