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Random Spot Check #9 – Stig of the Dump (@StigoftheDumpUK) [Stig & Syntax/Team Hate]

The Spot Check. We get artists from around the world to open up the masses of music stored away on their hard drives, have five tracks selected at random, and then attempt to explain away any embarrassing tracks that might have found their way into the selection. Pass or fail? Well, thats your call.

Today’s guest is none other than good friend of the 273, Stig of the Dump aka Stevie Dickhead. One of the illest emcees out of the UK today, he’s just dropped his new LP Mood Swings, which you definitely need to go pick up. I’ll drop the links once we’ve got the music out of the way. Bound to be smashing onto a stage near you very soon if he hasn’t already, lets pass this thang over to the man himself…
• Koaste

1./ LDZ – Pressure
New dubstep track i’ve recently given the full body treatment with Dabbla, obviously i can’t & won’t leak it as its from their new upcoming LP (they just dropped The Brainstorm Mixtape, so go cop that from the LDZ Bandcamp.
They’re my Goons from other Poons™). We’re currently working on a project together which should be biggles, some content you wouldn’t expect from me.

1./ Tool – The Pot
When i was homeless & wallowing in suicidal depression, having the time of my life & slowly drinking myself to death & sleeping in the Foreign Beggars vocal booth, Orifice’s brother Pravin who is both a fucking badman & huge rock head, introduced me to Tool. For some reason i bumped this song as loud as i could every day for about a month before upgrading my bed & board for sleeping rough in Bethnal Green park.. Since then i have remained a little obsessed with it. Its amazing, so fuck you & die twice if you’re not feeling it.

2./ Brother Ali – Uncle Sam God Damn
Fucking incredible track, genuinely an example of a perfect track. About the hypocrisies & flaws of the American establishment, insanely well written over a southern bluesy beat with the perfect balance of soul & content. Brother Ali is one of the most honest artists i’ve ever listened to and I was recently put onto an interview he did with Semtex backstage at Rock The Bells in which he said I was his favourite UK rapper… so basically i’m better than you at life.

3./ Hijack – The Terrorist Group
“Calling Slick Tracey, calling Slick Tracey.. the Hijack group have been spotted on stage at the Brixton Academy”. Fucking classic, much as i curse the fact that as I’m such an old cunt I’m edging ever closer to obscurity & death, sometimes I wish I was just that little bit older so i could have caught Hijack live. A lot of younger heads will instantly turn away due to the American twang, but this kind of shit is the only reason homegrown Hip Hop has been accepted in our country. The energy is another level, they signed to Ice T’s label Rhyme Syndicate & released Horns Of Jericho which I highly recommend. DJ Supreme has influenced DJs from across the globe & Kamanchi Sly went on to make fucking embarrassing pop garage with “Do You Really Like It… Is it is it wicked”.. but before the fall from grace Britcore was that ill shit & I kinda want to bring it back..

4./ Richard Dawkins – The God Delusion (Audio Book)
Because I’m a fucking mentalist, there is a constant storm of thoughts & tangents raging in my shit box of a head, so i often find it incredibly difficult to read without being distracted, not by shiney things or movement like retards do, but by words or phrases triggering off some insane brain fuck off tangents. I usually get a couple of pages into reading then realise i dont have a clue what the last two pages were about, so i thought i would try an audio book, which unfortunately only helped me realise I’m more of a lunatic than i thought, as the same shit happened, only this time i realised i was lying falling asleep or slowly going insane while listening to someone else tell me there is no god, plus Dicky Dawkins is a bit of a nut if you ask me, he is a bit too obsessed with shitting on the concept of god and much like most religious people he forces HIS beliefs on you. Although to be fair to him, he hasn’t nonced anyone, blown himself up or spread the word by killing people like the Christian Crusades. [We’ll give Stig an extra track, as I can’t upload a whole audio book – Koaste]

4./ Daniel Johnstone – I Had Lost My Mind
There is something really impacting about listening to a man on who is truly on the edge, and its always good to know that someone is definitely more mental than me. If you like documentaries watch The Devil & Daniel Johnstone. Daniel influenced some of the biggest musicians of our generation with his music and art (the latter of which Kurt Cobain famously sported on a T Shirt during a photo shoot). Dude is touched on another level. I firmly believe the best art is birthed from pain and suffering, and the best singer/songwriter isn’t the cunt with the wobbliest Christina Slaguilera voice – my man can’t really sing for shit but he conveys genuine emotion in his music, which is surely the only true reason for making it.

5./ Baron Samedi – Long Life
Baron Samedi’s Spit Happens LP is one of the best UK Hip Hop albums ever made. Dude kills almost every track – punchlines, story telling, everything, and the beats are incredible. Un American Psycho is one of my all time favourite tracks, but music is about shared experience & emotions. This track is about hating his job working in an office environment, and I have felt every single second of the track, being lost in a mindless admin roll with ZERO job rewards and an utter distain for my situation, infact I fucking hated every job, ever boss and almost every co-worker i’ve ever had, with the exception of a few women I wanted to rest my dick in, and women or dudes who I connected with because they hated their work lives too. Samedi doesn’t seem to be too productive of late, I used to be in contact with him but standarly life drives a wedge in between anything and everything. I should holla at him and force him to make music somehow, dudes a bad man.

Well, there you go – one of the best guests we’ve had for a while, I think you’ll agree. So anyway, you know what you need to do now. Drop your vote below. And go buy Stig’s Mood Swings LP from the link below.

Buy Stig of the Dump’s Mood Swings LP HERE
Check out Stig’s Top Ten Moodiest Pop Stars over on HHC Digital HERE

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