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Dialect & Despair – The Vortex [REVIEW]

I’ve been mad slow on getting this review done, as its been a couple of months since I got this in the post from this Adelaide crew. But better late than never is the rule this time, and this is something that I definitely had to get written, albeit eventually.

I stumbled across the duo of emcee Dialect and producer/deejay Despair when I found the video for their track Prolific and posted it on here. Before I could say Damn, I miss the Aussie sunshine, I’d got a fresh copy of the LP in the post. And its damn nice. Despair’s beats are the right side of moody and atmospheric without coming close to being bland, providing a perfect audible padded cell for Dialect’s flows to bounce off the walls of. This isn’t so much the upbeat, positive rhyming of other Aussie rappers such as Skryptcha or Nick Knowledge, but first impressions conjure up more of an antipodean Mobb Deep-esque broodiness minus the gunplay.

I don’t lie I reveal the deepest impact / bring back the speech to sling raps and syntax / syringe packed with crack your cliques think tank / we cling wrap wax to keep the gems intact
Dialect – Mission Statement

Games Wired shows off Dialects’ verbal skills to great effect as he flows over a late night soundscape, which unlike a lot of Aussie tracks wouldn’t sound out of place in any city outside of the duo’s homeland. Throughout the LP, there’s a tipped hat to the 90’s golden era sound through Despair’s choice picks of scratch samples, but these are just that – the album doesn’t sound dated due to these in any way.

The more I listen to this album, the more I like it, which might be an insight into why its taken me so long to get this written. But its definitely worth picking up if you get the chance.
• Koaste

Dialect & Despair – Games Wired

Dialect & Despair – The Promethean ft/ Delta & Motion

In The Crates:
Dialect & Despair – Prolific [VIDEO]

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