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273 Fantasy Football: Week 6

It was a bad week for those teams heavily reliant on the stars from the big three of English football as Chelsea and Arsenal lost, and Man Utd only managed a draw against Bolton Wanderers. Because of that, the weekly top three come from the lower half of the table.

Highest scorer this week was the homie Truth with 63pts (Carlos Tevez, 18pts*), who picks up his second manager of the week award this season, the first person to do so, and that lifts him into the giddy heights of 13th position. Second highest scorer was Longusto with 56pts (Darren Bent, 13pts). Could his return to these shores after 2 years away in Australia coincide with a charge up the table? Third highest scorer was Rizzle with 51pts (Nani, 12pts).

The top four in the table stay the same, but the weeks results have seen some changes in the rest of the table.
• Koaste

Manager of the Week: Truth

I’ve got no new music from Truth to drop as the prize for his victory this week (unless he gets at me before the end of the day), but I will be throwing up his Random Spot Check a little later today…

Highest Scoring Week:
Koaste 96pts (Week 1)
Manager of the Week Awards:
Truth – Gats McGhee (2)
Koaste – Illwood Kings (1)
Ewan Rarekind – Lets Get It In (1)
Herbie Dragons – Bucka Juniors (1)
Rizzle – Got Tings In Socks (1)
Cuthdaddy – Wolton Blunderers (1)

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