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Random Spot Check #7: Pimpernel Jones of Herma Puma (@HermaPuma)

The Spot Check. We get artists from around the world to open up the masses of music stored away on their hard drives, have five tracks selected at random, and then attempt to explain away any embarrassing tracks that might have found their way into the selection. Pass or fail? Well, thats your call.

Today’s guest is Pimpernel Jones, the UK half of transatlantic duo Herma Puma. Responsible for everything from laid back Hip Hop to barnstorming B-Boy tracks, their recently released last LP Synchromystic has been getting a lot of airplay over here at Illwood Heights, and is definitely worth a listen. But what is contained in that hard drive, and is there any terrible music deep within that we should be overly concerned with – thats what we’re asking today. So, Mr Jones. This is your Random Spot Check. Please proceed.
• Koaste

OK, 45,469 tracks loaded up on random (2,881 hours of music)… my media player has a weird sense of random that means the same shit crops up but here we go..

1./ Lack of Afro – Live at the Club
Heavy beaty head nodder jazz cut off the LP on Freestyle Records. Love the way you dont know if its a new or old track.. timeless in its on way.

2./ Connie Francis – Bossa Nova
This is on a comp i picked up cos it had Mel Torme – Right Now on it . This is kitchy swing but some nice horns at the start. Connie flips between French and English but its the sexy french tongue that does it for me. kind of reminds me of Nancy Sinatra.

3./ A Tribe Called Quest – Crew
Not the best track off Beats, Rhymes & Life (my fav Tribe LP BTW). Typical dilla keys – best bit is the delayed shit at the end… almost bugged out.

4./ Dennis Coffey + The Detroit Guitar Band – Impressions Of
Ill blaxploitation funk from the illest bass man of the time. The track has a cheesy little drop down in the middle before bringing it back – its all about the screechy fuzz lead guitar on this joint, kills it every time…

5./ Harmonic 33 – Marionette
Contemporary library music styles by the talented Mark Pritchard. From the completely underrated album Music For Film, Television Radio. Sublime listening – essential to any cats who like Radiophonic or the more obscure library houses of the 70’s. This track always reminds me of MTV Europe in the 90’s – when they had cool arty things in the advert breaks.

Well there you go. You know what comes next. Yep, you need to take 2 seconds out of your busy schedule and vote…

Herma Puma’s LP Synchromystic is out now. Go get it.

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