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Public Enemy (@MrChuckD) – Say It Like It Really Is [VIDEO]

Public Enemy are still going strong after all this time, and here’s their latest video for their track Say It Like It Really Is. Still fighting the power after all this time, the video is a tribute to those who have never been afraid to say what they mean. Che Guevara, Richard Prior, Johnny Cash and many more pop up in this, even Elvis Presley… Elvis PRESLEY? Hang on a sec… I thought Elvis was a hero to most – and most, the last time I checked, didn’t include Mistachuck? Hmm… is this turnaround something that happened a while ago and I missed it? Who knows… Anyway, its still a dope track.
• Koaste

EDIT: Just got this from Chuck D himself, who let me know through the magic of Twitter:

@The273 Wrong, not Elvis – Wayne Kramer from MC5. Go google or wiki dude, look em up…

So there you have it… Here’s Wayne Kramer’s Wikipedia entry if you guys knew as much about him as I did…

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