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Random Spot Check #3: Snuff The Ablist (@SnuffTheAblist)

My good man Snuff has agreed to a random spot check of his iTunes, so its time to pull him over to the side of the road, get him out of the car, and search his hard drive without a valid warrant. Lets go over to The Ablist himself…
• Koaste

So it’s with no small amount of trepidation that I’ve agreed to do this ish right here, because to be frank, my iTunes has got some absolute tosh in…so without further adieu here’s my Random Spot Check

My Friend Sam featuring Viola Wills – It’s My Pleasure (Rick van Breugel’s club mix)
An age old progressive house track, I like this mainly for the fact that it samples the laser noises from star wars and that shit was hyper produced, anyone who’s got access to the sample pack from dreamworks/Lucas studios will testify to that. Matter of fact as a stand alone track it stands up right now, and the tech/minimal house scene could do worse than study some decade old production.

Mistabishi – White Collar Grime
Bass line wobble wobble, dubstep at it’s bin destroying grimmest. This shit plays out good, and apparently it will make the kids think that I’m down with them. I’m not. But there you go. Good track, mixes well and has enough breaks in it to keep the dancefloor lively, and drop in a nice 8 bit sounding melody it basically does all the things I like.

DJ Hype – Yaman Studio Mix
OHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTT, I’m so glad this came, haven’t heard this in forever and a day. A DJ Hype mix from early 91, pre-Ganja, Pre rollers…damn no-one remembers how sick this guy was before all that jump up stuff, and it’s got The Box Opened by Human Being which is the ill track from back in the day sampling Hellraiser…”What’s your pleasure Mr Cotton?….The Box” dope dope dope.

The Doors – Love Street
Jim Morrison, what a card eh? Narcissism, alcoholism, drug addiction, Jim smashed it all and still somehow managed to write lyrics that are poignant with a touch of humanity to them, admittedly shortly before attempting to grope a 15 year old, still what a card eh?

Fat Ray & Black Milk – Take Control
From the Set Up album, I loved this album although I can’t help but think that Black Milk used Fat Ray to make his own frequently sub-standard verses sparkle, but the beat is sick and has a nice club friendly drop in it…new shit from Black Milk is apparently imminent and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t keen to see what he’s been up to after a mini hiatus…

Well there it is I think I got off lightly, 6th track was 99 Red Ballons by Nena so I’ve managed to walk away relatively unscathed.

Vortex by Snuff The Ablist ft/ Kashmere the Iguana Man out on Dented Records Autumn 2010

In The Crates:
Snuff The Ablist – Next Future Mix
Snuff The Abist – Camden Crawl 2010 Mix

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