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Need Beats? They Got Beats: @WizardBeats & @JacobGiles

Now as an emcee, I know full well how hard it is to come by decent beats. So help is at hand. Here’s two producers from either side of the world who just happen to make some hard hitters, and they’re peddling their wares right now.

First up, we’ve got the homie Wizard, one half of the OSBz, who’s put together this dope selection of beats to showcase just what he’s about. He’s charging, of course… goodness like this doesn’t always come for free, but email him at the address at the link below, and I’m sure he’ll get his Arthur Daley on. My personal favourites are Big Love and My Own… Yo Wizzy! What you saying about that Big Love beat??

Check the Beat Fanatic Batch out HERE

Next up is Jacob Giles, repping Sydney, Australia and producer of my track Back In The B. Met Jake while I was living over that side of the planet, and I know for a fact he’s got some beats. And these one’s he’s giving away for free for you to do what you like with. So I’ll hand over to Jacob:

I’ve just finished a new project called Extramentals Volume: One. This is the first of a series, and it contains 5 free, original instrumentals. The beats are for any MC that wants to rap over them, they can use them for whatever project in any way at no cost at all. You can share ‘em, cut em up, remix them, play ‘em on radio or anything – only thing I want is for people to know who made the original.

Download Jacob Giles Extra Mentals Volume One HERE

So there you have it. They’re yours to do what you want with. And you can’t say fairer than that.
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