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Is This The Worst Hip Hop Track Ever Made? Discuss.

Today has really got it in for me. I’d only just got over this afternoon’s realisation that I’d be without Sky Sports News for today’s transfer deadline, and then I had the severe misfortune to listen to this abomination from pre-pubescent-whiny-voiced-obviously-gonna-be-into-crack-before-he’s-twentyfive Justin Bieber. Now, Bieber would never normally in a million years get a mention here on the 273, only on this track, he’s managed to rope in Raekwon and Kanye West. Now Kanye… Kanye I could have seen doing this beforehand, but The Chef? Get the fuck out of here. But its true.

And these were just the thoughts that were flying through my head as I clicked through the links. I hadn’t actually heard the song yet. And that, my friends, is where things got really bad. For its not just ‘Ye and Rae on any track with Scrawny-armed-midget-stream-of-dayglo-piss Bieber. Its them on a track sampling Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ To Fuck Wit’. And that says it all. You probably don’t even need to listen to this to gain a whole new level of hate. I’m going to put the song below anyway. If you were here with me in person, I’d probably make you sign a disclaimer before I’d let you listen. But for now, its on your head.
• Koaste

If you can think of a Hip-Hop track that is worse than this one. And I use the term Hip-Hop very loosely in this case, then drop a comment on it.

One comment on “Is This The Worst Hip Hop Track Ever Made? Discuss.

  1. 184
    August 31, 2010

    fucking lame

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