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Rain Stops Play #1

Well, this I think is the first time since we started where we haven’t managed to post at least something in 24 little hours. Sorry about that. My excuse is that I’ve been up somewhere near Leicester at the Shambala festival performing with DJ Kormac, and after having had no sleep, waiting at a cold, closed, Market Harborough station for 2 hours from 4am till 6am when my train was due, had to then go to work in the bar till, well, about now.

The festival was a right good laugh though. I’d never heard of this festival, and it was my first proper muddy festival. I can confidently say that grey Timberlands were not the best choice, and I might well invest in a pair of wellingtons if another festival comes along soon. But fuck it, the set with Kormac and the band went down pretty well, and ended up hyping in the Kamikaze tent for Ex-Black Grass’ Carl Faure’s Warrior One crew – even though I had no idea what UK Funky and J-Step were as far as genres of music go.

Anyway, it was a great laugh. I’m off to Denmark this Friday with one half of Barenoize where I’m hyping for a gig on a boat. Should be an interesting few days. Anyway, I promise to be back on the posting-things-of-interest tip tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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