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Blast From The Past #12: Nine ft/ Smooth Da Hustler – Make Or Take

Its a slow day in the office as far as good new music goes this weekend, so its time for another Blast From The Past. Nine’s Nine Livez was an absolute classic, so when Cloud 9 dropped in 2002, I was hoping for a repeat performance. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to expectations. Well, apart from one track. Make Or Take saw Nine Double M hook up with Smooth Da Hustler over a sick beat sampled from Ronnie Laws’ Just As You Are. This was more like it. If the album had been as good as this one track, it would have been excellent. It was never to be though, and this stands out as the last good track I’ve heard from the dude.

2009’s Quinine was instantly forgettable, with no stand out tracks, and although I’m not holding my breath for another worthwhile release, I’d be more than happy for him to prove me wrong.
• Koaste

Ronnie Laws – Just As You Are

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