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Random Spot Check #1

The thing with music in this digital age, when there is so much stuff available, is that sometimes you play a track once and it disappears into the bowels of your iTunes, never to be heard again. I know I’ve got a fair few thousand tracks on this computer and other hard drives, memory sticks and other technological gizmos. So what I thought I’d do is switch the iTunes to random, see what the first five tracks that pop up are, and share them with you.

The only way to do this properly is to be honest. If an embarrassing track pops up, so be it. I know there are definitely some that might cause a raised eyebrow hidden in amongst the good stuff. But if the computer decides to pick one, I’m just gonna have to defend myself… Anyway, here goes. Welcome to the first 273 Random Spot Check…

1./ Hide My Tears – Roc Marciano
(The Marcberg)

Well, thats not too bad a start. I know a lot of people have been hailing The Marcberg as a classic, but apart from playing it through a couple of times, I don’t think I’ve given it enough time to grow on me. Listening to this track now though, with the same sample as Alchemist used on Smile (which is Keeping Up My Front by Smoked Sugar my sources tell me), this is actually pretty damn good. I’m gonna have to get this one back in the headphones next time I’m rolling through town after dark.

2./ Work For Me – Ol’ Dirty Bastard ft/ Young Chris
(A Son Unique)

Who the fuck is Young Chris? I haven’t got a clue. This is on some club type shish, with some bouncy ass beat. Can’t say I’m overly enamoured with it, but it is Dirty, so it does have that appeal. Probably won’t get another play for a little while though…

3./ Underground Kingz – UGK
(Underground Kingz)

From the dirty South of the UK to the dirty South of the States, here’s Bun B and Pimp C’s self titled track from their Underground Kingz LP. I love the way Pimp says Kings as, sort of, Kaaaaannngggzz. The sort of track that makes me want to drive a chromed out drop top along Madeira Drive while rocking a wife beater and a pair of Locs. RIP Pimp C!

4./ Ohh Baby – Araab Muzik
(How To Be An MC – Instrumental Kings 5)

Ah, an instrumental track. Hmmm. Knew something like this would pop up. Araab Musik has been knocking out a few bangers in the last year or so – I know my homie DJ Ideal rates him crazily, and this beat ain’t too bad. I haven’t got a clue if its one that’s been used by some emcee or other – anyone know?

5./ Gun Control – Homeboy Sandman
Now this is more like it. A dope track to end this on. Boy Sands is one of my favourite emcees at the moment, with some insane flows, and on this one he’s railing against burners and biscuits. Don’t think this one appeared on any released LP, but I may be wrong. There’s a video to this one somewhere on the web, but I seem to remember it not being on Youtube. I’m gonna have a little dig in a bit and try and find that for you.

Anyway, thats the first five of this series. I might have to rope in some guest spots for this shish, and get some artists in the game to risk pulling out those embarassing tracks they thought they deleted…
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