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273 EXCLUSIVE: First Down – Rude Boys Lose (If They Ain’t Rude Enough) Mixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD]

One of Brighton’s original and most successful Hip Hop crews, First Down smashed onto the scene with their Jaw Warfare 12″ in 1990, before undergoing a line up change and dropping their World Service LP in ’94. Emcees King Aroe (now massive on the graf scene), Korrekt & Baron Demus brought an uncompromised rawness to the mic booth, alongside production from Bluze and Indian Ropeman and cuts from DJ Hyste, and tracks like Ill Gotten Gains and Let The Battle Begin took no prisoners.

in 2008, the crew reformed briefly with the addition of yours truly, and put together a mixtape which included unreleased, rare and brand new material, but this tape never saw the light of day. Until now. The273.com are proud to be the first to unleash this beast of a mixtape into the world. And remember, rude boys lose if they ain’t rude enough.

Big ups to Ill Gotten Gains High Powered and Soundmakers for getting this shit together
• Koaste

Download First Down – Rude Boys Lose Mixtape [273 EXCLUSIVE]

1./ Lessons In Agression
2./ No Comparison
3./ See Sense
4./ Seven Emcees
5./ Pyramids of Power
6./ The Organisation
7./ Fully Equipped
8./ Assembly Line
9./ Headphones
10./ Weed World ft/ Daz Scott
11./ Word Rearrangers ft/ Koaste & Remark
12./ Who Got The Vibe? ft/ Lawless
13./ Dig Deep
14./ What Your Mind Say ft/ Cel One & Prime Cuts
15./ Tactics ft/ Cel One
16./ The South East ft/ Koaste
17./ Lyric Leader Pt 2 ft/ Zilla & Lawless
18./ Crown Takers ft/ Cel One
19./ Soundset
20./ Obia Worker ft/ Josie One
21./ New World Champions
22./ 4 Minutes of Death
23./ Show No Mercy ft/ Surprize
24./ Broken English
25./ Greed ft/ MC Mell’O’
26./ Crowd Control ft/ Koaste
27./ The Captain
28./ Wake Up Drowning
29./ Still Ill Gotten
30./ Crime Stoppers ft/ Daz Scott
31./ Behind Enemy Lines ’08 ft/ Remark & Koaste

2 comments on “273 EXCLUSIVE: First Down – Rude Boys Lose (If They Ain’t Rude Enough) Mixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD]

  1. Darkhalf
    March 13, 2016

    This is off the tits! I wish more people made music of this calibre and I believe this to be a standard that mixtapes should be set at.

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