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Accept The Exceptional Inception

A rare friday free of work meant I had time to hit up the cinema and catch Christopher Nolan’s Inception last night, and boy was it worth it. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is not an easy film. This is not a film to go see after three or four pints down the local. Not a film to go see if you’ve had a long day and your brain is needing something popcorn. Possibly not a film for those that have been on the piff all day but someone that smokes might have to verify that for me. The storyline is complex to the point of straddling the thin line between genius and absolutely Gazza-turning-up-to-see-Raoul-Moat-with-a-bucket-of-chicken mental.

Chris Nolan is definitely knocking out some impressive stuff, The Dark Knight, Memento & Insomnia being notable, but this takes it to another level. DiCaprio, who I’d written off after tosh like Titanic and Catch Me If You Can is actually pretty damn good, and I’m now prepared to forgive any past indiscretions as far as he’s concerned from now on. Brit Tom Hardy aka Handsome Bob from RocknRolla turns in a performance which has got to catapult him up into the Hollywood elite, and pretty much all the cast put in a sterling effort.

This is The Matrix on Columbian marching powder. The ability of this cerebral task force to enter their target’s dreams, and then trump that by constructing dreams within those dreams, with the aim of planting an idea deep within their chosen mark’s subconscious is a pretty tough one to keep up with. Any lapse in the your concentration levels while watching will leave you confused as to what is actually real, much like Cillian Murphy’s character in the film.

I think to explain more about the plot might take some of the shine out of the experience of watching this film, so I won’t even try, but this masterpiece, for it is a masterpiece, is definitely co-signed by The273. If you’re up for a seriously challenging film, with some incredible visual effects thrown into the deal, then go see this.
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