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WTF #6: Socialism, Satanism, Sodomy & Soccer

Oh my days, this is just too strange. Whether this guy is for real, or a wind up merchant, it makes strangely compulsive viewing. According to Billy Bob Neck, Soccer Football is not a sport because you can’t use your hands, and its all part of a ploy by Barack Obama to atrophy people’s arms so they can’t defend themselves against his invasion force (Invading from where??). And those bloody Mexicans from Uruguay, with ugly names… don’t get me started. Absolutely insane.
• Koaste

And why are we in this FIFA tournament? Take a big guess. Because Barack Osama Homo Bin Laden wants to bring socialism to the United States of America. He wants the entire populace… not to be able… to use their arms…

Who plays soccer? Europeans, Negroes… not American Negroes… but European Negroes… uh… Mexicans… uh… and it don’t matter where they’re from, you’ve got Mexicans from Central America, from Uruguay, whatever, ugly names down there. Mexicans from Brazil, Mexico’s [sic] from Puerto Rico, Mexicans from all over! Playing… a satanic game.

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