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184 (@oneeightfour) – Robots (Kashmere Remix) / Water Palace

My homeboy 184 has just hit me off with this remix of his dubstep track Robots which I posted up a few months ago (HERE). And who has done the remixing? Only the Iguana man himself, Kashmere. While the original was more in your face with its business, the remix is on some futuristic space odyssey bugging out type shit. Its got a completely different vibe, but thats not to say its harmed it, only twisted it in some direction you may not have expected.

The second track I’ve posted, Water Palace is definitely on some bang your head off the walls tip, and in a good way. Perhaps a dedication to those who regularly banged their heads off the walls using the safety-unconscious slides that were somehow allowed in the actual Croydon Water Palace before it closed a good few years ago. That place was always a popular choice for kids birthday parties back when I was at school. If you don’t know, you’ll never know now…
• Koaste

Robots (Kashmere RMX) – 184
184 – Robots 4000 (KASHMERE REMIX) by 184productions

Water Palace – 184
184 Water Palace by 184productions

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