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In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last month, you may have noticed that its the World Cup final today. Holland vs Spain. Wesley Sneijder vs David Villa. Pot smoking vs Bull fighting. Amsterdam vs Benidorm. Windmills vs… er… I give up. You get the picture. One thing is for certain, and that is the fact its gonna be a close one (I do realise that given my record, just by saying that, I’ve jinxed one of the teams and the other will run out a 3-0 winner). My heart says Holland will take it – I’ve got them in the work sweepstake as well, which will net me a nifty fifty should things work out – but my head says Spain.

Spain have played some incredible football since that 1-0 loss to the watch-makers in their first game, but they haven’t managed to be entirely convincing. Holland’s comeback against Brazil owed more to the samba kings’ desire to self destruct as it did to Johan Cruyff style total football. But neither of these teams have won a world cup before, and that is gonna make it one tasty game.

If Mark Van Bommel can manage to convince the ref that his crunching physical assaults are actually sublime last ditch tackles (seriously – I really don’t know how he’s been doing that), then I really think the Dutch can do it. Hup Holland.
• Koaste

PS: Another one of these from Gio Van Bronkhorst wouldn’t go amiss either!

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