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One For Ya Wednedsay #3: Fed Up Remix – House of Pain ft/ Guru [VIDEO]

Taking you back with one of the tracks off of House of Pain’s much maligned third LP Truth Crushed To The Earth Shall Rise Again. Not exactly one of the catchiest titles they came up with there, was it. I don’t think it was a terrible LP, but I’m struggling to think of many of the tracks other than this one that were on it. There was Heart Filled With Sorrow featuring Sadat X, and… er… oh well.

Anyway, I always liked the way on this track that Everlast starts his verses with Guru lyrics, and Guru starts all his with Everlast ones. I thought it was a nice touch. Anyway, if you don’t know this track, have a listen – and if you do, give it another blast. RIP Guru.
• Koaste

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