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Welcome to the South Easy

Right. The 273 is off To Glastonbury. Fingers Crossed.

Right, managed to borrow a tent and packed the vital supplies, and this evening I head off for the sunny fields (it is gonna stay sunny, right?) of Glastonbury for this year’s festival. I’m not one of these people for who camping seems to come naturally, so once again, I’m slightly apprehensive of everything, but as long as the weather stays like it is right now, I should be okay.

Looking forward to catching Snoop and Stevie Wonder – and of course my boys Foreign Beggars & Dr Syntax and Rup the Cnut – haven’t got a clue who else is playing, gonna have to do some research when I get there. Sunday afternoon I’ll be found wherever the biggest screen showing the England Germany match is – now that is gonna be MASSIVE.

If anyone reading this is going, then come see me performing with DJ Kormac and his band at these shows:

Saturday Night: Club Dada Stage – 3:00-3:45am
Sunday Night: Pussy Parlure (Spiegeltent) – 00:45-01:45

I’ll report back next week and let you know how it went… One.
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