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Killa Kela – Kelavision Episode #6 [Video]

For those that ain’t in the know, I used to roll with Kela back in the days, in a rag tag crew called 360 Physicals. Despite being tipped as one to watch in a few magazines, we never really delivered anything, yet managed to pull off some heavy shows without ever releasing ANY recorded material. Still not really sure how we managed to pull that one off. Anyway, Kela is still doing his thing, coming up with some sick beatbox routines, although his musical direction has veered from straight up Hip Hop to Electro-pop. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m not gonna deny he does what he does well. Anyway, here’s the latest episode of Kelavision featuring various shenanigans from his South East Asian tour and last video shoot. He’ll be at Glastonbury next week, and well worth checking out if you’re there too (As long as it doesn’t clash with DJ Kormac’s sets with yours truly…)
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