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England Vs Algeria WC 2010: 1930 TONIGHT

Well after that less than convincing performance against the USA last week, its definitely crunch time for England’s world cup hopes tonight against Algeria. A friend of mine with a few contacts emailed The 273 World Cup Anthem to Gareth Barry last week, so hopefully Wayne has heard it, and will be inspired to smash home a few bangers against the North Africans. Its gonna happen. I can feel it. *prepares to be let down*
• Koaste


Dedicated to all your grandmothers out there

Big Koaste… Enlish… and my man Sciz

‘Bout to get that second star…

I’m not a player I just watch a lot
Pint in my grip eyes fixed on the gogglebox
Who the Shrek looking motherfucker on the squad
Who get the crowd hype and got your granny’s bra poppin’ off
Big spender he stacks the swop
And sends wifey out with the WAGS to shop
Big tackles – got the opposition looking dumbstruck
Going in hard double footed with the studs up
Cashing in cheques a man to respect
Golden boots bang it in the back of the net
Looking good in practise
But the dude is so ugly that he makes Steve Ogrizovic look attractive
Defenders should quit, the skill effortless
Tearing ’em to shreds like the Wembley pitch
Knock it in from the penalty spot before his temper is lost
And the ref gets to sending him off


Wrapped in cotton wool you know we need him fit for sure
No more broken metatarsals man we’ve had that shit before
And he used to sleep with grannies but he doesn’t anymore
He’s Rooney
Defenders better give up cause he’ll leave you looking slow
He’s an ugly motherfucker with a face you shouldn’t show
But when he scores the winner man he’s bloody beautiful
Face him one on one you know he’s gonna get the ball
When he’s tearing at defenders running circles round ’em all
And the country’s going bonkers when he sticks it in the goal
He’s Rooney
Yo he came here today to get his hands on the cup
Don’t make him have to stamp on your nuts
Whiny bitches like Carvalho are amping him up
But anger management from Fabio can handle his thug
On a roll now counter attack he doesn’t slow down
Kissing the three lions every time he’s set to go out
No doubt the big bastard harbours a thirst
to put it down ’bout to get a second star on the shirt


He’s literally big in the game
Fabio got the squad back to winning again
Whether its Holland France Italy Spain
Give it to Wayne and he’ll smash that simple and plain
Any defence he’ll breeze through it
Terry needs a helping hand he’ll see to it
He’s a fan of street music
How many players you know rapped live with G-Unit
Thats the Weezy Weezy
He beat the keepers like easy peasy
Please believe me big Wayne’s insane
Got OAP’s going weak at the knees he’s
The man the myth he ain’t a beauty
But he’ll bring back the cup in a few weeks you’ll see
Girls shake your booty grab your boobies
Do it for England do it for Wayne Rooney

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