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Welcome to the South Easy

Keeping it 100

Well here’s the first milestone in the life of The 273. We’ve reached 100 posts. One hundred. One hundred posts of dope music, killer videos, and other random shish which we felt might hold some interest for you. Big ups to anyone that has been paying attention and enjoying what we felt like bringing you.

The next milestone is 500. Hopefully by then we’ll have brought you a load more of the good stuff, gained a little bit more professionalism with the radio show (hey, we’re getting there aiight?) and flung a few more exclusives out there for you to fux with.

And with this post’s passing, we also bring you the first downloadable episode of The 273 Show. Sure, we had it up for streaming, but why not help yourself to it and feed your iPod.

One love from The 273.

273 Radio Episode #5 – Download HERE

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