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WC2010 England vs USA [Match Report]

“Stand up Green. Yes, you. Go and join Seaman, Carson and Robinson in the corner”. And so, another goalkeeping fuck up denies England three points in their opening match of the world cup against USA. I’ve never really thought Robert Green inspired confidence whenever he’s played between the sticks for the national team, and last night, my fears became reality, as he decided against stopping Clint “Deuce” Dempsey’s 40th minute half-assed shot, and letting it roll over the line, perhaps expecting FIFA’s refusal to implement goal line technology to cancel it out somehow, even when it nestled up against the back of the net.

We weren’t really very good, were we. I was working during the game, but managed to catch most of the action from either the staff room, or a hastily set up internet stream in the cupboard at the back of the bar. It was the perfect start, Steven Gerrard slotting in from Emile “Bruno” Heskey’s sweet set-up after 4 minutes, but all seemed to go downhill after that.

True, teams have come back from dismal starts to have great tournaments, but Fabio has some serious thinking to do to make sure a performance like this doesn’t happen again. My confidence is dripping away. I need a flying performance in the next game to restore some faith. One game like that can be forgiven, and forgotten, but two… hell no.
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