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Its Here! The 273’s Unofficial England World Cup Anthem [FREE DOWNLOAD!!]

Well, well, well… Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The unveiling of The 273’s Unofficial World Cup Anthem. Its been hard holding this back till the football started, and even then I was meant to hold off till tomorrow, but we are now officially underway, so… it’s time.

We want to get this as big as possible, so send the link to this page to anyone you know that might be interested. I want to see how many downloads we can get. If you’ve downloaded it already, big up yourselves. Come on England! Lets get that second star!
β€’ Koaste

Ladies and gentlemen… The 273 proudly presents:
Roo-Ney – Koaste ft/ Enlish & Scizzahz [FREE DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE]

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