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Mark B – Black Market Breaks [Audio Documentary]

My homie Mark B has just released his 2002 audio documentary Black Market Breaks, a joint collaboration between him and BBC Radio 1. What KBoro Records’ Mark doesn’t know about beat digging could be written twice on the back of a postage stamp, and as the person responsible for many a classic UK joint over the years, even going so far as to appear on Top of the Pops with veteran emcee Blade, he wasn’t going to miss a trick with this one.

The documentary features everyone from Dilated Peoples to Marley Marl, and is a definite listen for anyone remotely interested in Hip Hop, Production or beat digging. He’s uploaded it to youtube in 4 parts for your listening pleasure, or you can download it from the link below.
• Koaste

Black Market Breaks Pt. 1

Black Market Breaks Pt. 2
Black Market Breaks Pt. 3
Black Market Breaks Pt. 4

Get The Full Download Here

In the cold harsh winter of 2002 UK producer Mark B was approached by BBC’s Radio One team do a short documentary based around the art & knowledge of record collecting from a Hiphop perspective. Already aware of the global coverage & support of Radio One with the success of the Mark B & Blade Unknown LP (2000) he jumped at the opportunity to take a break from the studio & touring to further his skills & learn the art of producing a radio documentary.

After a few shorts meetings with their team Mark bounced a few ideas off of them & took the challenge one step further by expanding an already well covered theme to the heart of New York City to investigate the story behind one of Hiphop’s most recognizable & biggest ever hits both on the streets, radio & MTV audiences alike. No matter what music you listen to underground or commercial, rock pop, house techno or reggae it’s more than likely you will know the song in question but it’s very doubtful you will actually know the true story behind this song or its original source.

Straight from the rotten apple Mark B exposes the dirty dealings of break trading, record producing, record diggin’ & the origins of an LP sold to over 20 different producers before falling into the hands of Dr Dre & Melman.

With the help & interviews from the legendary DJ Marley Marl, VIC, Dilated Peoples, Bubba Sparxxx, DJ Greenpeace, David Holmes, Tommy Koi of Mr Bongo Records, Andrew Mason of Wax Poetics & Jared from The Sound Library Record Store this is one documentary you don’t want to miss.

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