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273 World Cup Anthem: Dropping THIS SATURDAY

Yo, I’ve had this joint I’ve been wanting to record since the last World Cup, and I’ve finally managed to put it into action this week. I’ve called in a couple of guest verses from two of Brighton’s finest, Enlish and Scizzahz, and we’ll be releasing it to the world this Saturday morning, to coincide with England’s first world cup match against the USA.

When it drops, it would be great to have all your help to spread it around the interwebs, so I’m gonna be looking for people to get the forthcoming link on twitter, facebook, hip-hop or football forums around the world. Lets see how many downloads we can get during the tournament.

Anyway, stay tuned for Saturday, and lets get this thing popping off! If the unthinkable happens, and we get that second star for our shirts, I’m claiming full responsibility…
• Koaste

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