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Oh Word? Idris Elba can rap? King Driis – Hold On

I can’t say I saw this coming. Idris Elba, aka Stringer Bell from the Wire, aka big Luther off of ITV can chat? Over a 9th Wonder beat? Damn… I was a little worried that I’d play this and find him dropping his Brit accent for some US style thing, but not Idris… I mean King Driis… I like this. Its better than I expected.

On a side note, I actually caught an ep of ITV’s new gritty Brit cop drama Luther the other day. Say what you like about the script and cliched crooked cop storylines, its pretty damn entertaining.
• Koaste

2 comments on “Oh Word? Idris Elba can rap? King Driis – Hold On

  1. K Dog
    June 7, 2010

    Luther is actually on BBC. Surely you noticed the lack of adverts ruining it when you watched it?

  2. Koaste
    June 8, 2010

    Ah yes. An elementary mistake. My apologies.

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