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Homeboy Sandman – The Good Sun OUT TODAY

The Good Sun, the new LP from Homeboy Sandman hits iTunes today. I actually bought a copy, which can be a big thing in todays digital age where everything is available somewhere online for nothing. I stumbled across Sandman fashionably late as usual, via the video for his track Gun Control. That track was enough for me to sit up and take notice, and I’ve been checking out various mixtape appearances and leaked tracks since then. This guy can really flip a flow in a crazy unique way. In fact, he can flip flows in many, many unique ways, and the ease with which he plays with words and patterns is a dying art in todays scene – Pharoah Monche being one of the few other emcees I can think of at this precise second who has been blessed with the same gift.

Some of you more traditional cats might not dig this, but those prepared to spend a little time in the company of the Sandman might just find it rewarding.
• Koaste

Once I quit smoking and realized that I was actually nice, unusually nice, nice enough that if I didn’t become a full time emcee it would be some slight against the universe that had endowed me with this gift, and it wasn’t that I was just nice because I was high, or that I wasn’t even nice but I was high so I thought I was…

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