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Apathy – We’re Gonna Kill You / Diss-isions, Decisions

Apathy’s latest track takes aim at a few of the new cats in the game right now. As someone that’s gone in on a couple of diss tracks in my time, I definitely agree with his statement below. There’s too many players in this game who shouldn’t even be on the subs bench, their rightful place being up in the stands, or even sat on their sofa at home watching from afar. Its painful to see some of the excuses for rappers around at the moment, who seem to think they have some god given right to be on stage with a mic in their hand despite the fact their lack of rhythm would have prevented them beating the first stage on Parappa the Rapper.

Even here in Brighton, the regular open mic nights are invaded by cats who should definitely not quit their day job. I’d say that you know who you are, but I think you’ve successfully convinced yourself you have the required skill. You’ll find out eventually though…
• Koaste

When I first started taking rapping seriously… there was a system of checks and balances, to prevent “wack mc’s” from fucking up music.
Rappers/MC’s had to be nice and have skill. Now… that has been replaced with having buzz, and blogging and shit, without paying dues. Fuck that.
I don’t know when it became taboo to diss wack MC’s… but that needs to be brought back.

People confused dissing rappers… with hating. And that’s crazy.

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