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Blast From The Past #4: LL Cool J – I Shot Ya RMX

I started losing interest in the Ladies Love around the same time he decided to stop recording hardcore bangers and step up his level of bubblegum pop rap ditties. I think the Mr Smith LP was the last album of his I checked for, and for the most part it was a disappointment. But it did have two great tracks on it. I’m talking about I Shot Ya, and of course, the I Shot Ya Remix. I remember catching the video on someone’s home copied VHS of Yo MTV Raps at school, and loving the cold black and white, the scratchy overlays, and the fact that LL brought along Keith Murray, Prodigy, Foxxy Brown and Fat Joe to combine into one simmering threat, which I still love to this day.

Cool J’s verse is classic. Pure battle rhymes – if only he’d kept on writing stuff like this, he’d have made a lot of underground heads very happy. If he’d have kept this up, he’d have had no trouble taking on some of todays weak assed protagonists and making them look juvenile. And maybe thats one of the reasons why today’s guys haven’t aimed many shots at Mr Smith for his chart aimed dalliances. Maybe there’s a little worry that he might be still have a little left in the tank. We can live in hope, thats for sure.
• Koaste

What the fuck? I thought I conquered the whole world
Crushed Moe Dee, Hammer, and Ice-T’s girl
But still, niggaz want to instigate shit
I’ll battle any nigga in tha rap game quick
Name the spot, I make it hot for ya bitches
Female rappers too, I don’t give a fuck boo
Word, I’m here to crush all my peers
Rhymes of the month in The Source for twenty years
Niggaz scared, I’m detrimental to your mental state
I use my presedential Rolex to be debate
Niggaz fight, glock cocked ya temple gets fucked
MC’s, that fuck with LL they gets bucked
That’s real, what’s up with that I Shot Ya deal?
Light shit, niggaz slip now how the bullet feel?
New York appeal, in L.A. they gang bang
But if you touch a mic your motherfuckin ass hang
That’s facts, niggaz don’t recieve no type of slack
Cause if they do, they ass is always runnin back
Not this time, but next time I’ma name names
LL, shittin from on top of the game

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