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One For Ya Wednesday #1: Rock Stars – Non Phixion

There’s no particular reason I’m posting this video, other than I spotted my man Tan had upped it on wastebook, and it reminded me what a sick video it is. Laced with that trademark Preemo sound, Rock Stars is a banger from back before Goretex was kicked out the crew for drugs/being a lazy bastard/not being as waterproof as his name suggests during a wild thunderstorm in which Ill Bill copped a damp patch on his ‘Lo hoodie. Play this loud right now.
• Koaste

I remember them cold nights and long lines for clubs
Now it’s strictly V.I.P, free drinks and drugs
Pounds and hugs, getting back rubs, be them Underground thugs
Stay street but got new found love
Take a Continental, driver rental, travel the globe,
Non Phixion to the end worldwide we rock shows
Explode from out the projects, Glenwood to Drysneck
Hold your drink up, and make a toast to how the gods get

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