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Four Lions – MUST SEE

Caught this at the flicks last night, and all I can say, is GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND GO SEE THIS FILM! Probably the funniest film I’ve seen for ages. Directed by comedy mastermind Chris Morris of Brass Eye/The Day Today fame, Four Lions follows the story of a rag tag bunch of wannabe suicide bombers let by Omar (Riz Ahmed/MC Riz) as they attempt to plot the destruction of American capitalism, Western democracy, and er… Chicken Cottage. Not being the brightest of sparks, the group of would-be jihadists run into a few problems along the way, including a slightly calamitous trip to a Pakistani terrorist training camp. While not being exactly your usual basis for comedy material, it was laughs throughout, and in my opinion, Morris has created one of his best works yet. All my Brighton heads should get down to the Duke of York cinema asap and check this out. You won’t be disappointed.
• Koaste

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