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“Superproducer” Solar’s Twitter Account HACKED. Oh Shiiiit!

Woke up this morning to find a few blogs reporting this, so I thought I’d investigate further! Just spent 20 minutes going through posts on Solar’s Twitter Account and it looks like the dirt that everyone presumed was hiding just below the surface is starting to surface.

No ideas who the hacker is, other than “she” is female, and somehow has managed to get “her” hands on all the dude’s passwords. There’s plenty of harsh shit which has been posted, including Solar fuxxing with groupies, and various emails where he shows little or no sadness that his supposed friend was suffering. All he seems to be interested in is making money off of the situation, although, if this royalty statement is 100%, then the label wasn’t exactly big balling! The leaks also hint that it was Solar who was in control of Guru’s media accounts, and was entirely happy to try and capitalise off the tragedy.

I’m pretty damn sure that more leaks will surface in the next couple of days if the hacker stays in control of the passwords to Solar’s account, so we’ll just have to see what happens. “She” mentions that there are even worse emails which, for the moment, are being held back out of respect for Guru, so its not looking good for the self proclaimed “Superproducer” Solar at the moment. Think pretty soon he’s not gonna be welcome anywhere in the hip-hop supporting world, which if this is all legit, he well and truly deserves. Anyway, read the rest of the emails for yourself HERE before all this shit gets deleted…
• Koaste

One comment on ““Superproducer” Solar’s Twitter Account HACKED. Oh Shiiiit!

  1. Koaste
    May 10, 2010

    Definitely leading the way in the race for the next Chump of the Week award…

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