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184 – Robots

Time to give some shine to one of the 273’s finest producers. Whether knocking out Blondie sampling bangers with Wordsmith and Supernova, crafting blazed out folky melodies under the alias Baby Button Eyes, or carving serious slabs of dubstep such as this one, the one known simply as 184 has been putting in work in the Illwood area of Brighton for some time now, and shows no sign of slowing down. Making use of a DJ Premier skit from Gangstarr’s Moment of Truth LP, and a slightly disturbing mask of the man himself, 184 lays down one seriously dark production. The video is directed by his brother Salvo, an emcee of considerable talent as well. Brighton city sitting pretty right now…

• For more from 184 click HERE
• For more from Salvo click HERE
• Other Links:
Last Minute Records / King Kong Holding Company / Baby Button Eyes

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